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Mission & Vision

MISSION: Voices for Children of San Antonio expands our community's capacity to respond to current and emerging needs of children through purposeful and strategic advocacy that improves programs, practices and policy.


VISION: Opening windows of opportunity to engage and energize the community's stakeholders so that every child moves every day toward a bright tomorrow.


Established in 1996 as A Vision for Children, the founding Board was comprised of providers of children’s services, as well as academic, business and foundation representatives, all advocates whose mission was, and is, to improve the quality of life for children in the community and to make San Antonio the best city in the nation to be a child.  In 2001, the organization incorporated as a separate 501-c-3 nonprofit organization, Voices for Children of San Antonio and became a member of the national network of child advocacy organizations, Partnership for America’s Children.


In the early years of the organization, Voices organized community partners, worked and advocated for the passage of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and for the fluoridation of the city’s water supply to protect the dental health of young children.  Since 1998, Congress on Children, a service to the community and Voices’ flagship event, has brought  together a diverse audience of child advocates to review critical issues, the latest research, new or innovative best practices and legislative issues to support priorities and strategies that improve the quality of life and opportunities for the community’s children.


Voices identifies critical issues that impact child well-being in San Antonio/ Bexar County and collaborates with local and state organizations to improve programs, practices and policy locally and on the state level.  Voices partners with over 200 organizations on its various initiatives in focus areas of Early Care and Education, Child Abuse/ Neglect and Children’s Health and Mental Health.  Working with City and State government and leaders, as well as with the health, education and human service sectors, Voices for Children and many community partners continue to keep the wellbeing and the future of children at the forefront of planning and discussion.

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